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The data collected by Adega Cooperativa do Fundão, legal person nº 500 008 469,  are intended for the processing of orders and communication with Customers, requests for information, statistical analysis, as well as their use for direct marketing purposes.


Adega do Fundão determines the purposes and means of processing Personal Data as Responsible for the processing of Personal Data, ensuring compliance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, and other applicable legislation and matters of data protection and privacy (“Data Protection Legislation”). Under the Data Protection Legislation, Adega  fights for the processing of Personal Data in accordance with all applicable principles, namely:

  1. Principle of Lawfulness, Loyalty and Transparency;

  2. Purpose Limitation Principle;

  • Data Minimization Principle;

  1. Principle of Accuracy;

  2. Conservation Principle;

  3. and, Principle of Integrity and Confidentiality.

This Data Protection and Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”),  governed in accordance with the provisions of the following points:

  • Legal basis and purposes of data processing

The Personal Data of the Data Subjects will be processed by Adega  Fundão with the following legal grounds:

-  Consent: The Data Subject may consent to the respective Treatment through a free, specific, informed and explicit expression of will, by which he accepts, by means of a statement (in writing or orally) or an unequivocal positive act (by filling in an option) , that your Personal Data be processed.

- Pre-contractual steps or the performance of a contract: Personal Data may be processed if they are necessary, without limitation, for the performance of a contract for the provision of services and/or supply of products to which you are a party as an Employee, Customer and /or Supplier, or to carry out pre-contractual steps at your request.

- Compliance with a legal obligation: Personal Data may be processed to ensure and guarantee compliance with legal obligations to which it is subject under the legislation of a Member State and/or the European Union.

- Defense of the Data Subject's vital interests: Personal Data may be processed to ensure the defense of their vital interests, namely when the same Processing is essential to their life.

- Legitimate Interests: Adega do Fundão, other Responsible Persons or Third Parties, may process Personal Data as long as this Processing does not prevail over their interests or fundamental rights and freedoms.

In view of the aforementioned, the collection of Personal Data based on the legal grounds exposed will be essentially for purposes related to the development of the corporate purpose of Adega do Fundão and, as well, for the execution of the contracts and legal obligations of the same, by that the non-collection of Personal Data will imply the impossibility of carrying out the purposes for which the Personal Data are processed.

  • Processing of personal data on the website:


Adega do Fundão processes the Personal Data of the Data Subject as follows:

- Customer Management: Personally Identifiable Data, Contact Data, Data Relating to Means of Payment and Transactions, Contract Data and/or Complaint Data (such as name, email, telephone/mobile number, address, preferred time of delivery, product delivery point, transaction number, transaction description, transaction date, transaction amount, number of transactions, electronic invoicing, invoice number, contract number, purchase history, customer segments, product quantity , value of products, date of purchase of products, channel/place of acquisition and amounts spent per customer, claim number, claim date, claim description, claim origin or claim response date);

- Commercial and marketing activities: Personally Identifiable Data, Contact Data, Data Relating to Means of Payment and Transactions, Contract Data and/or Data Resulting from Satisfaction Surveys (such as name, address, preferred delivery time, point of delivery of products, transaction number, description of transaction, date of transaction, transaction amount, number of transactions, purchase history, customer segments, quantity of products, value of products, date of purchase of products, channel/location of acquisition and amounts spent per customer, satisfaction index, preference factors, opinion or areas of interest).

  • treatment methods

The processing of Personal Data will be performed automatically and manually by computer tools, applying logics strictly related to the purposes and, in any case, promoting the security and confidentiality of Personal Data.

  • Disclosure and transmission of personal data

Adega do Fundão employees will process Personal Data of Data Subjects for the performance of their work functions and will process Personal Data exclusively under the terms specified in this Privacy Policy. Personal Data may be made available to third parties in charge of providing services to Adega do Fundão (“Subcontractors”), bound by a written contract and to process the data under the terms of this Privacy Policy, not being able to process them, directly or indirectly. , for any other purpose, for your own benefit or that of a third party. Data Subjects have the right to obtain a complete and up-to-date list of Subcontractors (if any) contracted by Adega do Fundão, for which purpose they must send a specific request to Adega do Fundão. In compliance with legal obligations, the Personal Data of Data Subjects may be transmitted to third parties, for the pursuit of their own purposes, namely banks and insurance companies, judicial, administrative, supervisory or regulatory authorities and entities that lawfully carry out compilation actions. of data, actions to prevent and combat fraud. All Customers have the right to access, rectify, cancel and oppose their data. If you wish, at any time, to stop being part of the Adega do Fundão database, you can exercise this right through the following email:

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