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Vinhos Cova da Beira


70+ years of a story worth telling

70+ years of a story worth telling

Dating back to the 2nd century, Fundão region is the birthplace of the Cova da Beira Wines, which saw the birth, centuries later, in 1949, of the Adega do Fundão , by the hand of 30 farmers.

The cultivation of vines in the Cova da Beira region is a very old reality, dating back to the time when the Romans occupied the Iberian Peninsula. As proof of this, a statuette of an Atlantean Canéforo, dating from the 2nd century AD, was found, in a vineyard called “A Forca”, near Fundão, together with millstones and Roman bricks. do Fundão) dating from the end of the 3rd century/beginning of the 4th century and their DNA is being studied. In this village, counterweights of old presses were found, already with an industrial dimension for the time.


The contrast between the south and north of Serra da Gardunha gives richness to our wines. The grapes from the south of Gardunha are more concentrated and have a higher alcohol content, resulting in full-bodied wines, with an aroma of ripe fruit and more structured. From the north of Gardunha comes elegance, freshness and acidity. These characteristics provide white wines with aromatic exuberance and freshness and intense red wines on the nose and great acidity, which give them excellent aging capacity.

Vinhos Cova da Beira


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R. Cidade da Covilhã 9, 6230-346 Fundão


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