The core and ancient capital of the fertile Cova da Beira. Land where the Serra da Estrela mountain magnificenceand Serra da Gardunha Mountain fade through surreal villages and cherry trees in full blossom, this all part of the richest and most beautiful plains of Portugal.
The natural grandeur of the Serra da Gardunha Mountain is not only a remarkable view of immense granite, it is also the breathtaking scenarios and beautiful terraces crossed by ancient Roman roads. It is also the patches of century old trees, where springs of pure, crystalline water run free, and all can enjoy this natural resource. It is also the medieval treasures of the Historical Village of Castelo Novo and the traits portrayed by the artistic and monumental village of Alpedrinha.

The county of Fundão has an immensely rich cuisine, full of traditions and history. From sausages to conventual sweets, is easy to enjoy good food from this part of Portugal. For true food lovers that seek a good table, we present suggestions of some of the traditional delights. For main dishes one can have: migas (crumbs) with chickpeas, migas with vinha d’alhos (marinated meat), lamb stew, fish from the garden (stir fried coated green beans), hare with beans, eggplant with eggs, robin with rice, Fundão’s style rice (rice with green sprouts) , Lagareiro style codfish, roast young goat and roast lamb; concerning  sausages and fillings: sausages, savoury sausages , black pudding and tripe and finally, as it could not be conventual sweets: rice pudding, sponge cake, bread light, finto cake, soda cake, small seed cake, "esquecidos", cookies, "borrachões", maiz bread with milk, "cavacas", "tigelada" and custard.