Red Wines Preparation

Preparation of wines to serve
Remove the wine from the cellar ahead of time (in order to decant, cool, heat or air the wine); The wine should be open one hour before serving. This will allow for it to be served with complete clarity.

Ideal temperature for drinking – Caring
Cool and mild Red 14 º C
Hot and bodied Red  15-16 º C
Old Red 16 - 18 º C (20 º C)
NOTE: These temperatures must be achieved smoothly through gentle procedures. The wine should not be heated or chilled.

The cups should be made of glass, being sufficient in size to be able to enjoy the aroma of the wine and crystal clear to determine the appearance and color and also possess the appropriate size and style for each type of wine.

Storage - Caring
The Wine cellar must be absolutely clean, dry, ventilated, dark (or light sieved) and vibration-free, with a relatively low and constant temperature.

The bottles must be lying, stored in compartments with space for air to circulate around them.
White wine should be at the bottom (colder).

Observation - Appearance (clarity, brightness),
                       Color, Foam, Aroma and Flavor
Comparison and Conclusion